Midwestern Meats

Well, it's a simple as it gets, but the results are awesome.  Pork Steak is kind of a forgotten item for grilling as most people just don't think about this product.  The great thing is that it is a very economical item so making for a family is very cost efficient.  


Simply pre-season the steaks with Midwestern Meats seasoning about 2 hours prior to putting on the grill.  Let that seasoning work it's way into the fibers of the meat.  

Next put them on the grill, have a drink, and enjoy the backyard time.  I always lightly re-season the part of the steak that starts face down on the grill after the flip.   Do keep an eye on them as they can start small flame ups.  Should take about 10 minutes on a medium heat.  


Then simply enjoy the flavorful experience of Pork.



Written by Rod McConnell — July 15, 2013