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About Us

Midwestern Meats was started in 1990 by Roger McConnell.  Roger was a butcher at a grocery chain called Fareway, his last management job being in Spencer, Iowa.  Making a career decision, Roger decided to bring the great Midwest product and his outstanding service philosophies to the Southwest.  Starting in a small location, with his wife Sally, he was correct about the need for such a quality product in Az. 

After 5 years of hard work he was able to build the current 11,000 square foot facility we are currently in.  Ultimately creating a bakery and restaurant due to the requests of his customers.  Now after 23 years you will find the same great product, attention to detail, and friendly service that Roger brought when he opened. 

We have added a ready to eat program to our company called Midwestern Fitness.  This is for people who want to lose weight, have a medical condition, or simply want to have a healthy lifestyle. 

Catering is another area we have grown and really enjoy. 


We are a very simple company and appreciate your business.  We are willing to do what it takes to help you with your food needs.  We expect to provide the highest quality product with the highest quality service. 

                                     Guess which one is Roger?




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