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We love to help with backyard BBq's, Company event or picnic, and even weddings.  We can do it all, and at a reasonable cost.  Check out our menu below, but don't limit your ideas to just that, we have the experience to do about anything. 

 A couple of the many items you can select from:

1. Midwestern BBQ - $7.99/person.  BBQ Beef, Pork, or Chicken Potato Salad, and Baked Beans, a cookie for dessert.  

2. Catering Special - $10.99/person.  Dinner Entree, Two Sides, Dinner Rolls and Dessert.  Many choices to choose from. 

3. Burger Bar - $9.99/person. 1/3 lb Hamburgers, 6 different toppings (bar), 2 sides, buns and condiments.  


                 Deli tray example

Catering Menu

Working with Arizona Sports radio at Az. Cardinals training facility. 


Desert Uprising Concert feeding the Bands

HP2 customer appreciation event





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